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Because the stage of wear of vehicles is a significant source of ecological impact, our company addresses to both economic operators and individuals by collecting and dismantling end-of-life vehicles.

 The processing of end-of-life vehicles can be done either by dismantling, by removing the component parts that can be recycled, reused or recovered, or by sending them directly to the shredder. Regardless of which of these two methods, end-of-life vehicles will undergo a depollution stage in the first phase, respecting the national legislation.

 We offer for sale car parts, carefully dismantled by qualified car mechanics and stored in optimal conditions, directly from our warehouse located in Brasov, 121 Zizinului Street. Contact person; Adrian Chiric, telephone: 0742 146 174.

 Every year, SILNEF SRL is part of the list of RABLA Program partners, so both individuals and legal entities can enjoy the benefits of this program through our company.

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