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SILNEF SRL is a limited liability company whose main object of activity is the recovery of recyclable materials. Our company ensures the ecological management of waste generated by both economic operators and individuals, through specific activities of collection, processing, treatment and recycling of waste, using best practices for preserving resources and natural environmental conditions.

Generic types of managed industrial waste:

  • ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste from scrap or production streams;
  • non-metallic waste – paper-cardboard, plastics, wood, glass, rubber, textiles;
  • miscellaneous packaging waste;
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment;
  • end-of-life vehicles;
  • various wastes from demolition and scrapping of goods and fixed assets;
  • hazardous industrial waste.

Since its establishment in 2000, SILNEF SRL has set itself the goal of maintaining the balance between environmental protection and economic growth.

If at the beginning the company consisted of only a few people, all having in common the concern for achieving the proposed goal, over time the team grew and made possible the evolution, development and expansion of the company, so that today, waste taken from our partners is managed with professionalism, ensuring compliance with the legal regulations in the field of environmental protection and population health.

Currently, our company operates at the following places of business:

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